Biometric Check Cashing System

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Increase customer traffic
Generate more sales & profits
Eliminate check fraud losses
Full check activity reporting
Guarantee & deposit option

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"The SECRET to successful check cashing is stopping bad checks" 
Now Available! ... INSTANT CHECK VERIFICATION... With Just One Click!
"Instantly verify the status of the checking account BEFORE you cash the check"

"If you forget your license we will still cash your check!"

Stops check losses 4 ways
Stop Fake IDs
Our National Fingerprint Database of over 1.5 million check writers means we can instantly alert you when someone known to us tries to cash a check in your store.
Stop Check Fraud Our instant Checking Account Verification with access to over 200 million checking accounts mean we can give you current status of the checking account before you cash the check.
Keep Good Customers Our customer database makes it easy to identify your good customers and turn away the bad. Each customerís file includes photo, driverís license information, contact notes, and all check cashing history in your store. Honest customers like the fact they can cash checks without the hassles.
Payroll Check Guarantee means we will pay you face value of any returned payroll check or government check that we approve using our software. Update: Check Guarantee is now only available with our CASH-It Direct Service

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Why customers keep coming back

"Instantly verify the status of the checking account BEFORE you cash the check"
We use the most widely used check verification service in the nation This verification database is updated daily by 71,000 merchant locations across the country and 80% of all U.S. banking institutions. Other merchants using this verification service includes Walmart, Home Depot and Kmart. 

A Better Way to Cash Checks

"Positive fingerprint ID detects repeat offenders"

Eliminate fraud. With fingerprint scanning, our Payroll Check Cashing System detects repeat offenders ó no matter whose check they have ó to stop them from cashing another bad check. Plus, having to provide an electronic fingerprint stops most ďcheck runnersĒ from even trying to cash a check.

Improve profits. Payroll Check Cashing System is a cost-effective system that provides real value. With reduced fraud, streamlined operations, and increased store traffic, it wonít take long to add to your bottom line.

Speed transactions. Handle more transactions in less time. Repeat customers only need to supply their fingerprint for fast, accurate identification. With instant access to a customerís picture, contact information and check cashing history, there is less need to check IDs, call a bank or call the check maker.

"Customer history makes it easy to identify good customers"

Check Customer History. Payroll Check Cashing System makes it easy to identify your good customers and turn away the bad. Each enrolled customerís record includes photo, contact information and check cashing history within your store. After a quick fingerprint scan, the clerk confirms identity and views previous store activity ó including any special notes or negative activity throughout the network.

Increase repeat business. Keep the growing market of unbanked consumers coming back to you for a valuable service. Customers love to use their finger as ID for fast and secure check cashing. Honest customers always return to a business that knows and trusts them, and many tell their friends and co-workers about Payroll Check Cashing System.

Reduce manager involvement. Payroll Check Cashing System makes it easy to cash checks with confidence ó even without a manager present for final approval. The clerk can be sure of the customerís identity and is alerted to any unusual check activity in their history.

Make check cashing easy.
Payroll Check Cashing System makes it easy for clerks to comply with check cashing procedures. After a fingerprint scan identifies the customer, the clerk simply runs the check through the reader, follows onscreen instructions and instantly sees the recommendation to accept or decline the check.

"It stopped us from taking checks that had already been declined ... a few cities away."

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How quick & easy our system works

Here's how it works

Processing a check is simple. 1.The customer places finger on scanner. 2.Customer's picture and information appears on the screen. 3.The paycheck is run through the check reader to automatically record the check information. 4.Customers check cashing history appears on the screen instantly along with a clear recommendation on accepting the check. 5.Commissions fees are automatically calculated and exact cash payout amount to the customer.

1) Customer places finger on scanner

2) Customer's picture and information appears on the screen.

3) The check is run through the check reader for verification and  to automatically record the check information

4) Customers check cashing history appears on the screen instantly along with a clear recommendation on accepting the check.

5) Commissions fees are automatically calculated and exact cash payout amount to the customer.

"Is easy to use ... like check cashing for dummies!"

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Univision Report (espaŮol)

Exceptional Features

Multiple store data sharing.  This convenient feature allows merchants to instantly share customer information across a private chain of stores, no matter where the customer enrolled within that private chain. This helps improve customer service and build loyalty across the chain.

Enroll customers throughout your chain.
After a quick registration, including scanning index fingers and capturing a photo, customers are ready to use Payroll Check Cashing System at your store and other locations within your chain. Customer history is easily shared within your chain, but individual store information stays private through the network. Payroll Check Cashing System can even incorporate your current customer database.

Manage multiple store locations remotely. This unique feature allows a merchant with a single store or multiple locations to access and update a store's data from any computer via a secure, password-protected connection. Managers can easily compile store reports for multiple locations and check on store activity while off-site.

Set your own rules.
A fee table helps you customize fees based on the amount of the check. The fee to charge and amount to pay the customer are automatically calculated, or the clerk can override during a transaction.

ID Verification Scanner. This small scanner speeds up enrollment by automatically identifiying the type of ID, images both the front and back, and places information into the on-screen fields with optical character recognition (OCR). For new customer you can verify the customerís identity against national databases for driver licenses, phone numbers and social security numbers. You will know your customer is who he or she says they are.This great add-on reduces data entry and helps in every aspect of your business.

 Check Verification Option. Instantly verify the validity and activity of the maker's checking account with just one click of a button! By researching the maker's bank account you can be sure the presented check is associated with an active account with no outstanding items. We give you inside account information to a live central database compiled from hundreds of participating banks nationwide. You have instant access to valuable information to confirm the account is open and active, determine if the account is overdrawn, and know about any stop payments from the account. This invaluable feature alone prevents you from getting burnt with a bad check.

Check Guarantee Option.
We are so confident our Payroll Check Cashing System will eliminate fraud in your check cashing business, we even offer an optional check guarantee service for checks cashed using our system. What this means is that we will pay the check cashing merchant 100% face value of any bad check that is cashed using our system. This optional check guarantee feature together with the other exceptional fraud prevention tools virtually takes the risks out of check cashing for the merchant. Update: Check Guarantee is now only available with our CASH-It Direct Service.

Electronic Check 21 Deposit Option. Eliminate the need to make manual bank check deposits with this new feature. If banks say no to you opening a check cashing account, we can establish a check processing service with a major finincial institution and electronically deposit your cashed checks directly into your checking account. Update: Check 21 Deposit is now only available with our CASH-It Direct Service.

Government Compliance Package Option -  Are you complying your business with US federal regulations? If you cash checks, do money transfers, sell money orders, traveler's checks or stored value products, you are required by law to register with the federal government and adopt an anti-money laundering compliance program. IRS examiners conduct compliance examinations will be looking at how effectively your business complies with the anti money laundering program requirements. Failure to comply can result in fines up to $5000 per violation and/or imprisonment. We can assist you in operating within the mandatory money service business guidelines before the federal examiner shows up.

Maintain check images. With the systemís check scanner, itís easy to capture digital images of the front and back of the check and link them to the transaction. Keep track of what a makerís check should look like and keep a record of signatures.

Recognize problem activity. Customize velocity tracking to be alerted if a customer is attempting to cash an unusually high number of checks within a short period of time, or checks with a high dollar amount ó a possible indication of fraud.

Access evidence reports. If fraud occurs, the Payroll Check Cashing System stops the offender from cashing another check, and helps prepare the merchant to recover the item. Payroll Check Cashing System can provide the merchant a report that includes the customerís picture, check image(s), and other important customer and transaction information.

Share negative data nationwide. The Payroll Check Cashing System network maintains a secure database that shares bad check activity with all Payroll Check Cashing System merchants. Merchants are alerted if someone is attempting to pass another bad check or has outstanding items at any other Payroll Check Cashing System merchant.

"We are very please with the return on investment ... because we were able to achieve it in 3 to 5 months."

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Why merchants choose us over others

Payroll Check Cashing System Overview

The Payroll Check Cashing System is compact and specifically designed with a small footprint. Staff training is provided on the easy point-and-click software during your installation. In addition, this powerful business tool makes managing your business easy ó even with multiple store locations. From enrolling new customers to running accounting reports, Payroll Check Cashing System is ready to make your check cashing service easy, profitable and ready to grow.

Equipment shown subject to change based on options and availability

Payroll Check Cashing System includes:

  • Check Cashing software and free standard software upgrades
  • Access to our commercial biometric database
  • Digital PC camera to capture and store customer's picture
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner to reference customer's fingerprint
  • Check Imager to capture and store digital images of checks
  • ID Scanner to capture and verify IDs
  • Check Verification
  • Address Verification
  • System training at the time of installation
  • Computer with flat screen monitor
  • Secure daily data backup
  • Professional installation at your store location
  • Complete manager and staff training
  • Indoor and outdoor check cashing signs and fee schedules

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Why customers keep coming back

How do I get more information?

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